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5 Reasons Why Shaker-Style Cabinets Are So Popular

Jun 21, 2022

Are you familiar with shaker cabinets? Whether you know the term, you’ve undoubtedly run into them before, as they’ve been around for hundreds of years! 

Today, shaker cabinets are still prevalent in nearly every type of kitchen, but why are they so popular? In our detailed guide, we put together some reasons why homeowners love shaker-style cabinets and how they’ve grown to possess such popularity! 

What Are Shaker-Style Cabinets?

You’ve almost certainly seen a shaker cabinet yourself, even if you’ve never heard of the term “shaker cabinet” or know nothing about kitchen cabinet designs. After all, they’ve been popular designs for centuries now!

Shaker cabinets are simple but high-quality all-wood cabinets common in practically any type of kitchen, from farmhouse to minimalist styles. They feature recessed panel doors and raised molding, accentuating their clean and straightforward lines. Typically, homeowners pair shaker cabinets with hidden hinges to keep the focus on their clean lines, but that’s not always the case.

The name has nothing to do with their style or function. The term “shaker” comes from their inventors, the Shakers.

The Origins of the Shakers

The Shakers were a group of English Quakers dating back to the mid-1700s before the United States even became a nation! The Shakers gained a reputation for enthusiastic and ecstatic dancing during their religious festivals, which earned them the nickname “shaking Quakers,” which eventually shortened to just “Shakers.”

Fun Fact: At their height, experts estimated that 19 Shaker communities existed throughout the Northeast United States, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Shakers retained many of the same values that Quakers were famous for, such as pacifism and humility. They detested clutter, and their decorating methods emphasized simplicity and organization for a clear mind. They also earned a reputation for being high-quality artisans, fashioning their own furniture out of the surrounding natural materials of their communes.

History of Shaker-Style Cabinets

Thanks to their quality craftsmanship and excellent materials, handcrafted furniture pieces became some of the Shakers’ prime exports, thanks to diligent work and abundant birch, cherry, pine, maple, and oak trees. Quality furniture wasn’t easy to find in the old days, but the Shakers set themselves apart in their craft. Their kitchen cabinets were particularly attractive to people.

The shaker-style cabinet embodied the Shakers’ straightforward ideals and meticulous craft. Their unique cabinets eventually spread into kitchens across America and the world.

The Shakers declined in numbers steadily before mostly disappearing in the 19th century. Still, their cabinet craftmanship and design style live on to this day!

Reasons Why Shaker-Style Cabinets Are Popular

The shaker-style cabinet has remained a staple in American kitchens for centuries now, so how have they stuck around for so long? We’ve put together the top five reasons why shaker-style cabinets are so popular.

1. Simplicity

Sometimes, less is more, and nowhere is that statement more accurate than when it comes to the shaker-style cabinet. Shaker cabinets have never been about fluff or ornamentation—their appeal comes from their modest and practical design that emphasizes clean lines and no embellishments.

Because the shaker-style cabinet is so straightforward, the eye’s focus gets pulled in other directions toward the counters, fixtures, or walls. Yet, these cabinets undoubtedly enhance these other features’ attractiveness with their own understated appearance. The emphasis is on the quality of the woodwork, the materials, and the stain or color of the cabinets.

The simple nature of shaker cabinets brings a calming effect to kitchens and helps them blend with practically any kitchen design.

2. Versatility

The simplicity of shaker cabinets also makes them versatile. Their practical design and the quality craftsmanship that goes into making them mean they can blend seamlessly into a classic farmhouse kitchen or a striking minimalist one.

There’s a reason that they’re as popular today in the 21st century as they were in the 18th century, if not more so! Whatever the latest trend or fad in kitchen design is, there’s always room for simple but undeniably well-crafted cabinets.

Typically, homeowners choose white shaker-style cabinets because they can fit into almost any kitchen. But there’s a wide variety of stains and finishes that go with shaker-style cabinets, including:

  • Classic chestnut
  • Dark brown
  • Blonde wood
  • Natural wood
  • Dark gray

There’s no wrong choice of color or stain when it comes to well-made shaker cabinets!

3. Quality

As we’ve mentioned, the shaker-style cabinets became famous for their quality artistry and materials. That reputation lives on to this day, as people still consider shaker cabinets the ideal option for those looking for something simple but valuable.

Even if it’s not the Shakers still making them, the straightforward design of shaker cabinets emphasizes the materials and skill instead of relying on ornate decorations. And thanks to their simple quality, shaker cabinets often last longer and are easier to maintain than other options.

The mark of well-made furniture is that it lasts, and there’s no doubt about that with shaker cabinets!

4. Timelessness

The origins of the shaker cabinet date back hundreds of years. And yet, kitchens across the country and world still utilize them. The timelessness of shaker cabinets is another reason they’ve maintained their popularity.

Since its creation, the shaker cabinet has existed in every kind of kitchen, surviving all the home design trends. So, there’s no worry that shaker cabinets will look outdated or old fashioned in a few years. They’ll still be around for a long time!

As much as things change, they stay the same!

5. Accessibility

Last but certainly not least, we have the cost effectiveness of the shaker cabinet. The Shakers were simple people—they stressed functionality in their design, so their cabinets have naturally wide popularity among homeowners.

Even though shaker cabinets come from excellent materials and craft, they’re not exorbitant in price. In fact, they’re still more accessible than many other more decorative kitchen cabinets available today.

The price of a specific cabinet model depends on various factors, from the hardware to the materials and construction. Still, you can get a reasonable and attractive custom shaker cabinet from iCabinetry Direct because we cut out the middleman and pass the savings directly to the customer.

Now you know a little about the origins and utility of shaker-style cabinets. If you’re remodeling your kitchen or replacing your cabinets, you could do a lot worse than finely-made, simple, and accessible shaker cabinets that will never go out of style!

5 Reasons Why Shaker-Style Cabinets Are So Popular

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