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What Are Shaker-Style Cabinets and What Makes Them Different?

Apr 13, 2022

There’s no shortage of options for homeowners who are deciding on new kitchen cabinets. One timeless, popular option, however, is shaker style. But what are shaker-style cabinets, and what makes them different from the rest? We’ll break down everything you need to know about shaker-style cabinets in our helpful blog.

What Are Shaker-Style Cabinets?

Whether or not you know the exact definition of shaker-style cabinets, you’ve almost definitely seen them before. They’ve been around for centuries as staples in American interior design.

Fun fact: shaker-style cabinets are sometimes called “mission cabinets” due to their origins. Shaker cabinets come from the Shakers, a Christian society that pioneered the simple-looking craftmanship. Shaker cabinets feature clean lines with minimal to no ornamentation, instead offering simple square or rectangular recessed panels and precise edges.

Most shaker-style cabinets are made from American woods such as pine or maple, without inlays or carvings. Shakers have a timeless, uninvolved charm that has helped them remain so popular for so long.

What Makes Shaker-Style Cabinets Different?

Shaker cabinets are pretty simple, so what makes them stand out? As funny as it sounds, the simplicity of the shaker cabinet separates it from other cabinet styles. Its precise, sharp lines give kitchens a clean and less cluttered look that doesn’t ever go out of style. Designers love the neutral look of simple shaker cabinets, and because of their effortless charm, they’re also versatile when it comes to color. Whatever design your kitchen has, shaker cabinets can blend in seamlessly.

Are Shaker-Style Cabinets Still Popular?

Shaker-style cabinets have been around since the 18th century, and they don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Shaker cabinets are still popular today thanks to their undeniably timeless look and versatility, which is why it’s easy to find shaker cabinets for sale.

Usually, cabinets fall under the contemporary or traditional style, but shaker cabinets can feel cohesive with modern kitchen designs and conventional farmhouse kitchens alike. It’s hard to find another design as versatile as the shaker style!

Now you can practically call yourself an expert on shaker-style cabinets and what makes them different. Shakers cabinets are dependable, charming options—if you’re deciding on new cabinets for your new or remodeled kitchen, you could do much worse. If you have any questions about cabinetry or kitchen design, consult the experts at iCabinetry Direct!

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