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Inset vs Overlay cabinets- Affordable Inset Kitchen Cabinets

Apr 19, 2021
white inset cabinets kitchen island

Inset vs overlay cabinets- who knew choosing kitchen cabinets could be so complicated? 

Did you know that spending on home improvement projects has risen 3% in the last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic?

More time at home = more need to modify our living spaces for work and play.

We get it, but we also understand the need for affordable kitchen cabinets and finding your dream cabinets easily.

Preferably online.

You’ve got your dream kitchen plans ready for your inset cabinets, but you can’t find them as often as you find overlay cabinets.

And when you do find them, you find that they’re ridiculously more expensive than overlay cabinets, especially if they’re custom inset cabinets.

So what’s the difference between inset and overlay cabinets?

And which would be the best choice for you?

Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ll also show you where to find them easily and at a fraction of the price.

Inset vs Overlay- what’s the difference?

First, let’s address how each of these styles is different.

Inset kitchen cabinets 

Inset cabinets have a unique design. When inset cabinet doors and drawers are closed, they are completely flush with the frame opening.

In other words, inset cabinet doors set into the frame, giving them a unique, custom look.

To open these doors/drawers, you need a push system or hardware, as there is no space for your fingers to open these doors!

inset cabinets kitchen and inset cabinet doors in white with turquoise glossy backsplash

Overlay kitchen cabinets

Overlay cabinets, however, are not set inside the frame. There are two kinds of overlay cabinets: full overlay and partial overlay.

Full overlay cabinet doors and drawers completely cover the cabinet frame.

There are no gaps between each door/drawer; you need a push system or hardware to open them.

full overlay cabinets in light rustic gray

Partial overlay cabinet doors cover the cabinet doors partially, which leaves a gap between each door/drawer.

You don’t need hardware to open them since it provides enough space to open them with your fingers.

white partial overlay cabinets and stainless steel appliances

Inset vs Overlay Cabinets- Pros and Cons

Inset Kitchen Cabinets- Pros

  • Better craftsmanship required- they require more skill to craft and install, which means you get better quality overall
  • Fully custom feel to your cabinets
  • High-end, luxury appearance (it is all the craze with high-end designers!)
  • Fully flush; sleek and clean finish
  • Can help more accurately showcase a classic, heritage style, or emulate the look you’re going for

Inset Kitchen Cabinets- Cons

  • Higher cost: according to Home Advisor, you should expect to pay up to 20% more for inset cabinets than a more traditional design (except… we can help with that!)
  • Harder to find (except… we know a place!)
  • You may lose a small amount of storage space for larger dishes since the doors and drawers are flush within the frame (although if that’s a concern, a cabinet box depth increase is definitely possible!)

Overlay Kitchen Cabinets- Pros

  • Can be less expensive than inset kitchen cabinets
  • Can provide a somewhat flush finish (full overlay)
  • Don’t need hardware (partial overlay)
  • A bit more storage for larger dishes, since the doors are mounted on the frame itself

Overlay Kitchen Cabinets- Cons

  • Exposed corners- because the doors are exposed, it is more likely to get nicks and dings on your doors (or chewed corners from rowdy pups!)
  • Look less custom than inset
  • Less trendy- they’re getting replaced more and more by homeowners (especially partial overlay!)

How to get affordable inset kitchen cabinets

So you’re set on inset kitchen cabinets, but you want to find a more affordable inset kitchen cabinet option.

You’re in the right place.

At iCabinetry we give you the best price on custom inset cabinetry. In fact, we are more cost-effective than locally-built inset cabinets!

We are the best place to purchase affordable inset cabinets online.

Our American-made custom inset cabinets come in 7 different wood species to provide a truly customized experience and a much better finish than locally-built inset cabinets.

We have a 6- to 8-week lead time (even during the pandemic!), and the inset cabinets will arrive at your doorstep.

Your kitchen remodel is just a few weeks away!

And to further put your mind (and budget) at ease, our cabinets come with a lifetime guarantee. 

So go ahead, browse our products, chat with one of our team members, choose your inset cabinets online, and get your custom kitchen cabinets delivered straight to you.

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One of our team members is standing by and happy to help!

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