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What are Inset Kitchen Cabinets? The BEST Source for Inset Cabinets

Apr 10, 2021
Inset Pic

Inset Cabinets are the new hot trend for kitchen cabinets.

Actually, if you check your Pinterest boards under “Dream Kitchen,” you’ll probably find some (or many!) saved images of these coveted kitchen cabinets.

High-end designer trends are favoring inset kitchen cabinets, and these images are flooding kitchen renovation websites, magazines, and, of course, Pinterest.

Although they’re extremely popular right now, inset kitchen cabinets are quite difficult to find!

So what exactly does “inset” mean?

And where can you find them?

Perhaps you’re looking to DIY your kitchen renovation but have no idea where to start looking for those perfect, Pinterest-worthy kitchen cabinets.

Or perhaps you’re looking to sell a home and want to give it that special, classic touch that is sure to WOW your next buyer.

Whatever the case, in this post we’ll explain what inset means and show you exactly where to get direct access to the best inset cabinets that are both high quality and direct-to-consumer.

At a budget-friendly price, of course.

What are Inset Cabinets?

Inset cabinets are a style of cabinets with doors and drawers that fit flush into the cabinet frame opening.

Inset cabinet doors actually set into the frame, so they have a sleek, uniform, custom, and smooth appearance.

And because pictures speak louder than words… here are some visual examples:

inset cabinets kitchen dark wood with inset cabinet on the kitchen island

white inset cabinets kitchen island and double oven

Overlay Kitchen Cabinets

Most commonly you’ll find overlay kitchen cabinets in showrooms or big box stores. This means that cabinet drawers and doors overlay the opening, like this:

white partial overlay cabinets and stainless steel appliances

While overlay cabinets can make for a beautiful kitchen, inset kitchen cabinets are more flush and provide a clean, sleek finish.

Inset Cabinet Features

Featured in many images for “high-end” designers, these cabinets give the appearance of a fully custom, luxury kitchen.

And in many cases, they are.

Inset cabinet doors are flush with the frame, which means there is no space to open these doors with your fingers.

In order to open them, you require a “push-to-open” system or hardware, like doorknobs or handles.

Inset cabinet door hinges can also be hidden or exposed, amplifying the custom feel to your cabinets.

Concealed, or finial, door hinges on inset doors produce that desired sleek and flush finish to your kitchen cabinets.

Inset Cabinets Pros and Cons

farmhouse inset cabinets with brown or wood countertopcs

Inset Cabinet PROS:

  • High-quality appearance
  • Smooth, cohesive look
  • Custom and semi-custom options available
  • Installation requires care and accuracy, so you can be sure that they’ll be well-done and will last a long time

Inset Cabinet CONS:

  • Depending on the manufacturer, you may lose a bit of space due to the drawers/doors being inset into the frame
  • Their unique design can drive up the cost in comparison to other, more traditional kitchen cabinets (by about 20%)

Where to Buy Inset Cabinets Online

white inset cabinets on large kitchen cabinet

Not only are inset kitchen cabinets hard to find, but they can also be more expensive than other kitchen cabinet designs.

And while there are some direct-to-consumer companies that provide inset cabinets, we are confident that we know the BEST source for your inset kitchen cabinet needs.

Here at iCabinetry, we provide direct access to high-quality, custom inset kitchen cabinets online.

No more looking far and wide for the perfect inset kitchen cabinets.

With hundreds of door styles and finish combinations, we are certain you’ll find the inset kitchen cabinets of your dreams in our catalog.

Our industry expertise, high-quality cabinets, and streamlined technology allow us the pleasure of bringing professionals and DIY homeowners their inset kitchen cabinets directly.

At a price nearly impossible to find elsewhere.

And with a lifetime guarantee on all of our cabinetry, you’ll have the kitchen remodel of your dreams in no time.

The world-class customer service at iCabinetry is unrivaled, so you don’t have to worry about not getting the same warmth or personal attention that you’d get at a local retailer.

Browse our products, chat with one of our team members, choose your cabinets, and get them delivered straight to you.

No middle man.

Want to get an estimate for the inset kitchen cabinets of your dreams? It’s easy!

Just fill out our contact form with some of the details of your upcoming project and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

Prefer to call? Sweet! Call us at (877) 800-0420. We’ll be happy to help!

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