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Why You Should Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

May 10, 2022
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Are your kitchen cabinets feeling old and outdated recently? Many homeowners feel the same way, which is why many choose to update them with a more modern or contemporary design.

Why should you modernize your outdated kitchen cabinets? We’ve got plenty of reasons for you, from enhanced functionality to increasing your home’s value!

Why You Should Modernize Your Outdated Cabinetry

We’ve got plenty for you if you’re looking for reasons to update your outdated cabinetry to a more modern design! We’ve got aesthetic, practical, and financial reasons why you should modernize your outdated cabinetry!

Time for a Change

Variety is the spice of life, and sometimes we need to mix things up! If you’ve been living in the same house for years and staring at the same cabinets, it can feel stale and boring until you make a change!

Updating your cabinets is an excellent way to spruce up your entire kitchen without going through an extensive and costly remodeling process. Your cabinets are the focal point of your kitchen, and the kitchen is the focal point of many homes. Some new, modern cabinets can feel like a breath of fresh air for the entire house!

Improve Functionality

Do you not enjoy cooking in your kitchen as much as you used to? It could be because of your outdated and inefficient cabinets. Not every kitchen is designed with functionality and for your tastes, and some new cabinets can make cooking easier and more fun!

Some modern open shelves make finding and using all your kitchen necessities a breeze. With modern, open shelves, you don’t have to open six different cabinet doors to find what you’re looking for!

Open Things Up

For many years, kitchen designers wanted to pack as many cabinets and drawers into a kitchen as possible. While this strategy is suitable for adding storage, it can lead to kitchens that feel cramped and as if the cabinets are coming at you from all sides.

Replacing your outdated cabinetry with custom modern cabinets can open your kitchen up and make it feel more comfortable. It’s true what they say—less is more! Modern cabinets also give you more space to experiment with the décor and design to make your kitchen stand out!

Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Suppose you’re looking to sell your home soon or want to boost the property value; in that case, updating your cabinets to something more modern can do the trick! It may not seem like much, but remember that the kitchen is where deals are made and broken for many potential house buyers. A more modern kitchen is more appealing to many potential buyers, making the rest of your home more enticing.

Ways To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets Without Replacing Them

Clearly, there are a lot of benefits to updating your kitchen cabinets, but maybe you don’t have the budget or inclination for brand-new custom cabinetry. Don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to update your current cabinetry without spending the money to tear them out and install new ones.

New Coat of Paint

Sometimes all you need is a fresh coat of paint! If your cabinets are still relatively new and have the characteristics of a modern kitchen, putting a fresh coat of paint can make them look like entirely new cabinets!

Modern kitchen designs employ neutral and monochromatic color palettes, so modern cabinets are typically grey, black, or muted white. At the least, you can try painting your cabinets a new color for a couple of months and see if that satisfies your craving for a change without undertaking an extensive renovation.

Remove the Doors

Do you want modern open shelving, but don’t want to go through the process of tearing out all your current cabinets and putting in new ones? You can modernize your cabinetry by simply removing the outdated doors!

It’s not like brand-new open shelves, but it’s a budget-friendly compromise that offers many of the same benefits—including a striking new look! This way, you can still easily access your kitchen items and make your kitchen feel more open without replacing the cabinets. You can always tear them out for real open shelves if you don’t like them.

Characteristics of Modern Kitchen Cabinets

If you’ve decided that you want a new modern kitchen complete with contemporary cabinets, we can help with that too! Before you decide on a design for your cabinetry, remember these common characteristics of contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Frameless or Full Overlay

Perhaps modern kitchens’ most common cabinet styles are frameless (slab-style, European, and full-access) or full overlay cabinets. Designers like these cabinets because they offer clean, simple designs with striking lines, making them ideal for a modern and minimalist kitchen approach.

Frameless and full overlay cabinets offer a polished and elegant look that blends with the rest of the kitchen and keeps the eye moving to the bolder accents and colors in the kitchen. They’re the ideal cabinetry design for those that want to keep things simple and refined with no ornamentation or decorative marks.

Modern Metals

The hardware and finishings of modern cabinets are just as essential as the overall design of the wood. Since the cabinets are of simple structure, their hardware is crucial to add a subtle bit of color and flourish.

Flat linear pulls and tubular pulls are standard in many modern kitchen designs as they offer more striking lines. As far as metals go, matte aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and brushed gold are typical examples in modern kitchens.

Monochromatic Colors

In mid-century modern kitchens, you’ll find vibrant pastel colors that pop all over the place, but the colors are more neutral and muted in current modern kitchens. That doesn’t mean they’re dull—the monochromatic palette of the cabinets makes the other color accents and vibrant décor stand out better.

For the most part, modern kitchen designs employ muted whites, stylish greys, and soft blacks (charcoal is a trendy choice). It’s not a requirement to use these colors for a modern kitchen, but the simple colors help to emphasize the clean, striking lines contemporary kitchen designers want.

Plus, when you have cabinets, and a kitchen of primarily neutral colors, the raw wood materials and vibrant color accents throughout look better and brighter!

We could go on forever about why you should modernize your outdated kitchen cabinets, but we think we’ve given you plenty of reasons! If you’re struggling to come up with a look that fits your unique kitchen, consult with the cabinet experts at iCabinetry Direct! We have all kinds of custom cabinets for you to design your dream kitchen with.

Why You Should Modernize Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

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