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Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets: Expectations vs. Reality

Jul 01, 2022

Although they’re nothing new, there’s still a discrepancy between expectations and reality for wholesale kitchen cabinets. That’s why we’re here to help by dispelling some myths about factory-direct cabinets, explaining their advantages, and even going over some of the leading kitchen cabinet trends.

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinet Myths

Unfortunately, homeowners still have many myths and misconceptions about wholesale kitchen cabinets. Some beliefs are outdated to a different time in wholesale cabinets, while others are just simple misunderstandings.

Don’t listen the next time you hear these wholesale cabinet myths!

Myth #1: Wholesale Cabinets Use Cheap Materials

Many people will see the price tag of wholesale cabinets and assume that since they’re more affordable, they must be made from cheap materials. But this misses the point of wholesale cabinets—they offer the same quality at a lower price!

Factory-direct kitchen cabinets differ from typical retail cabinets because you buy straight from the manufacturer, bypassing the retailer. By cutting out the middleman, expenses are cut and savings are passed on to you instead of the retailer. There’s no reduction in quality, just the price.

Myth #2: Limited Design Choices With Wholesale Cabinets

Some homeowners assume that because they’re buying wholesale, there’s less variety to choose from than in a big-box store. But we can assure you that whatever type of cabinet you can find at a retailer, odds are you’ll find the same or something similar at a lower price in our selection.

Whatever style, materials, color, or finish you want for your new kitchen cabinets, we have a vast selection for you to find the cabinets that match your taste! Whether you prefer old-fashioned or new school, we’ve got your home’s next cabinets in stock.

Myth #3: Shipping Wholesale Cabinets Is Pricey

Buying cabinets from the manufacturer and having them shipped directly to you may make you nervous. Is it more expensive to ship? What if it’s damaged in transit?

But this is an unnecessary worry. After all, how do you think the cabinets get from the manufacturer to the big-box store? We take the same care and effort in shipping cabinets to you as if we were sending them to a retailer to be sold later.

Advantages of Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets

Those are the myths about wholesale cabinets, but what are the facts? We’ve got that covered for you as we’ll outline some of the primary benefits of opting for factory-direct instead of retailer cabinets.

Save Money

The price tag is undoubtedly the primary benefit that many homeowners note about wholesale cabinets. Purchasing cabinets directly from the factory gives homeowners more room in the budget they can shift to other parts of the kitchen or home.

Wholesale cabinets are more affordable than big-box store options because they cut out the retailer—the ones who have to raise the prices of the cabinets so they turn a profit. No more middleman and no more costly kitchen cabinets!

Speedy Service

When taking the time to go down to a big-box store, you can feel like you’ve wasted an entire day. With wholesale cabinets, the process is much easier and faster because you’re dealing with the expert manufacturers focused only on cabinets and nothing else!

When you buy from the manufacturer, the product ships out immediately to you instead of waiting for the retailer to place the order. Plus, if you run into any issues, you can speak directly to the manufacturer instead of going through the hoops of a middleman.

High-Quality Cabinets

When it comes to quality, it doesn’t get any better than wholesale cabinets. Factory-direct cabinets are of the best quality because you’re purchasing from the manufacturer whose sole focus is the creation of a valuable cabinet.

Where do you think retailers get their high-quality cabinets? Cut them out of the picture and save on quality cabinets by shopping wholesale.

Wide Selection

Retailers may have different manufacturers to offer their customers, but when you think about it, you’re still only seeing a fraction of the choices available. Big-box stores won’t carry every product from cabinet manufacturers—only what they think is worth showcasing and purchasing.

When you shop directly from the manufacturer, you get the full selection of their products. At iCabinetry Direct, we have no shortage of cabinet choices, from traditional and decorative to modern minimalist!

Kitchen Cabinet Trends You Should Know About

Now that you know how and where to get your new kitchen cabinets, it’s time to choose the style and design. Cabinets, like anything else, have their cycles of what’s popular, and right now, these are the popular trends that homeowners everywhere are embracing.

Shaker Style

Even if you don’t know a thing about kitchen cabinets, you’ve undoubtedly seen shaker cabinets in a kitchen before—they’ve been popular for centuries, after all! Shaker cabinets date back hundreds of years, but they’re as popular as ever, thanks to their simple design and high-quality craftsmanship.

Fun Fact: Shaker cabinets get their name from their creators—Quaker communities known for dancing, nicknamed “Shakers.”

Despite being old-fashioned, shaker cabinets never go out of style thanks to their timeless design. Plus, they fit into practically any kitchen atmosphere, whether farmhouse or industrial.

Natural Woods

Instead of covering up the natural color and patterns of wood, more homeowners are choosing to leave them unfettered to showcase their raw beauty. Natural woods are more common than ever as homeowners like the lighter color that pops in darker kitchens and gives the room a more homey, warm atmosphere.

Flat Fronts

The modern kitchen is trendy today amongst homeowners, and a staple of this design is flat-front cabinets. Modern and minimalist designs are about clean lines and flush finishes, making the flat front the ideal choice! You can’t go wrong with the flat front if you want simple elegance that blends into your modern kitchen design.

European Style

European style (AKA frameless) cabinets have made the trip across the pond and are now some of the most popular styles for American homeowners. Some say it’s the effect IKEA has had on the average homeowners as it’s broken into the American market. Whatever the reason, they’re excellent options for any kitchen!

They’re simple, clean, offer more storage, and are natural fits in numerous kitchen designs like contemporary or transitional.

Now you know the difference between myths and expectations of wholesale kitchen cabinets and the facts of reality. By choosing the wholesale route, you get more bang for your buck without sacrificing quality!

If you have questions about wholesale cabinets or cabinets of any kind, don’t hesitate to contact us at iCabinetry Direct!

Wholesale Kitchen Cabinets: Expectations vs. Reality

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