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What Are Your Options for Cabinet Wood Types and Finishes?

Oct 22, 2020
Wood cabinets are popular and classic for many reasons, including their beauty, durability, and variety of materials and finishes. Hardwoods tend to resist scratches and dents well, and the beauty and unique look that comes with each panel of natural wood helps complete your kitchen or bathroom space.

Cabinets come in many different wood types, with some being more popular than others. Cherry is a domestic hardwood that is extremely popular due to its rich, warm coloring. It has intricate grain patterns with a smooth, even grain and is considered a luxury wood for your cabinets. Maple is one of the hardest wood species, making it excellent for cabinetry. It’s often white or creamy in color and has a subtle grain pattern for a smooth finish. Oak is one of the more popular hardwood options for cabinets; two common types are red and white oak. Walnut, with its graceful grain patterns, is another popular hardwood. Its colors can range widely and include deep chocolates and lighter reds. Alder is characterized by its light brown color with red undertones and its even-textured grain. Mahogany is often chosen for its warmth, red coloring, and straight grain. This hardwood is common and luxurious. Hickory is one of the other hardest wood species and has a distinctive contrast between heartwood and sapwood. It can come in lighter or darker color variations.

Wood can be finished in different ways, depending on the desired effect. Stains are applied to the wood’s surface and then wiped by hand to enhance the color and grain of the natural wood. Paints can be applied to wood cabinets to get specific, even coloring not found in natural wood. Glazes are semitransparent colors applied over stains to add depth and dimension to your cabinetry.

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