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Top Considerations When Buying Modern Cabinets for Your Kitchen

Jan 05, 2021
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Nothing quite spruces up your kitchen like new cabinetry. Better yet, when those new kitchen cabinets are crafted in the modern style, they can be a transformative force in your kitchen space even in a partial kitchen renovation. Modern kitchen cabinets are an excellent way to finish off a major remodeling project or a great tactic for creating more storage space while updating your kitchen aesthetic. You can get affordable kitchen cabinets online at wholesale prices, which makes them the perfect option for homeowners who want a fresh look in the kitchen at a budget-conscious price point.

However, it’s important when planning the purchase of modern kitchen cabinets that you take a few factors into consideration before making an order. There are obvious considerations like size, budget, and space requirements. But there are many other components in your modern cabinet purchase equation that will determine your satisfaction with the final product. Keep reading to learn a few of the top factors to consider when buying modern kitchen cabinets.

Quality Counts

New cabinets represent a considerable investment in the value of your home. Therefore, it’s important to think about the quality you want to seek in your new cabinets. If you only plan to live in the house for a short period, it may not matter whether those cabinets are made to last a lifetime. Therefore, you can opt for a lesser quality cabinet at a lower price point. However, if you plan to live in the house for decades, it pays to look for the best quality cabinets you can afford. Your cabinets take a great deal of abuse, so if you plan to keep them for 10 years or more, opt for higher quality products even if they cost a little more.

Style Matters

It may go without saying that your cabinets need to match the other components in the kitchen. But what exactly does that mean? It’s not just a matter of putting modern cabinets in a kitchen with other modern components. You must match other cabinets components as well to create a cohesive overall kitchen aesthetic. You must consider factors like color, material, finish, hardware style, and how the cabinets will open. Nothing can derail the results of a remodeling project faster than inconsistent elements of style, so make sure that all your elements are knitted together within a sensible style.

Stock, Semi-Custom, or Custom?

Another important question to ask yourself when considering modern kitchen cabinets is what type makes the most sense in your circumstance. There are three primary types of cabinets on the market, and each carries its own pros and cons. Those three types of cabinets are stock, semi-custom, and custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are made to a templated style and offer no customization. The décor must be built around them rather instead of the other way around, but they are the least expensive cabinet option.

Semi-custom cabinets are somewhat customizable to homeowner needs, as the name would indicate. They are factory-built using common sizes, but the design elements can be customized to the customer’s order. For example, they come in many shapes, styles, materials, and finishes, and aren’t as rigid in terms of design as their stock counterparts. They represent the middle ground in terms of pricing and offer an excellent balance between cost, quality, and customization.

Custom cabinets are built with the customer only in mind, and they are usually built by cabinet craftsmen instead of being produced in factories. They feature complete customization of space, storage capacity, finishes, materials, colors, and hardware. Because custom cabinets are made to order by individuals, they cost significantly more than the other two types.

If you’re in the market for new cabinets, consider these factors before making a purchase to ensure you get the cabinets that are perfect for your space. To learn more about what to consider when buying modern cabinets for your kitchen. Contact iCabinetry Direct at (877) 800-0420.

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