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The Top 3 Characteristics of High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Sep 01, 2021
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Without a good set of cabinets in the kitchen, storing ingredients, utensils, and other personal items securely is challenging. Thankfully, anyone can find the perfect set of cabinets, as long as they know all the right attributes to look for. Check out this list of the top three characteristics of high-quality kitchen cabinets to avoid buying a lackluster set.

Soft-Close Hinges

Hinges determine how well the cabinet door opens. You shouldn’t struggle to open kitchen cabinets every day. On the other hand, the doors shouldn’t swing too loosely and wildly when you open them. Instead, they should turn smoothly and stably, which is why choosing soft-close hinges is the best course of action. Furthermore, make sure you invest in soft-close hinges that offer six-way adjustability. This adjustability will allow the hinges to move left, right, in, out, up, and down. These hinges will give you the best performance.

Full-Height Back Panel

One of the top characteristics of a high-quality kitchen cabinet is a strong back panel. Unfortunately, thin panels and rails are commonplace in the kitchen cabinet industry. But full-height panels are the best option available. Having cabinets with a full-height back panel makes wall installations quick and convenient. Plus, a heavy back panel ensures the cabinets remain secure and durable, preventing them from falling. As you can see, keeping an eye out for specific cabinet components is crucial. There’s one more factor to consider, though, but it’s a process instead of a part. It’s full factory assembly.

Factory Assembly

In some cases, kitchen cabinets come in ready-to-assemble forms, meaning you must put them together before installation. However, iCabinetry provides high-quality cabinets directly from the factory, such as our Ultracraft frameless cabinets. By investing in ready-to-install cabinets like these instead of ready-to-assemble sets, you can quickly get them up in the kitchen upon their arrival. Furthermore, factory-built cabinets benefit from factory resources, such as high-quality tools and methods that the average homeowner doesn’t have or understand.

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