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Partner Spotlight: Sunshine & Shiplap

Dec 01, 2021
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Partner Spotlight: Sunshine & Shiplap

We recently collaborated with Brittany Echols, renovator, DIYer, and popular Instagram influencer (Sunshine and Shiplap). Arizona based Brittany had a project in her family room and we were thrilled to provide her with cabinets from our iCabinetry stock line to complete her DIY cabinet project. Get to know Brittany a little more below, her love for DIY, and what it’s like to order cabinets through a virtual showroom.

iCab: Brittany, how would you describe yourself?

BE: I am an interior decorator, Instagram influencer, and stay-at-home Mom from Clarkdale, Arizona. You’ll actually find my kids in a lot of my photos and videos on my IG account.

iCab: How did you become a dedicated DIYer?

BE: When I was 18 my parents helped me buy my first home. I was going to school full time and had a mortgage to take care of. I couldn’t afford a lot so I would either make what I wanted or upcycle it from thrift stores. A small budget really helped me become creative on how to make my house feel like a home. 

iCab: How did you plan for your living room makeover?

BE: We’ve been renovating our home since we moved in (life of a DIYer!) and have been installing vinyl plank flooring in our home. Understanding the flow of projects we knew we had to finish the floor before we added anything else and next on our list was the living room.

iCab: You came to us with a clear idea of what you wanted, which is the best way to utilize a virtual showroom and our designers. How did the ordering process go from there? 

BE: The ordering process was super easy. I spoke with a designer (Margaux), told her my design ideas and got them ordered.

iCab: How long did it take to receive your cabinets and what was the delivery like? 

(***editor’s note: Brittany ordered from our iCabinetry stock line, which is a quick ship product. Delivery times vary by manufacturer.)

BE: Oh gosh, the cabinets came so quick! I think it was about 2 weeks. The delivery was quick and easy too and I was kept informed throughout the whole process.

iCab: Tell us a little about why you chose the color/style of cabinets and how our iCabinetry Stock cabinets compared to your expectations. 

BE: I chose white because that is what I had already chosen for my design. I wanted it to have clean lines and look bright. I went with a white shaker cabinet to stick with my design ideas. The cabinets completely met my expectations. Not only did they come so fast but I love the soft close on the cabinets. Boy, does it make a difference with kids! Haha! 

iCab: How does having cabinetry in your living room add to the functionality and beauty of the space? 

BE: It adds so, so much. I am able to organize my kids’ board games and puzzles so much better and in a space they can reach. The feel of the room is great now. I love how I’m able to use the entire wall for the space and make it all functional AND beautiful. 

iCab: Have you ever purchased cabinets before? If so, was it online or in-store and how did our process compare? Why did you choose to go with an online company this time? 

BE: I have ordered cabinets previously. Last time, I ordered online through Home Depot. Home Depot was a little cheaper but they weren’t soft close cabinets and drawers. I wanted to order online again because it makes life much easier for me. I live in a small town and don’t always have access to a lot of quality brands like I found at iCabinetry.

iCab: Any tips for other DIYers when it comes to choosing and ordering cabinets online? 

BE: Prepare your design ahead of time because the process can be overwhelming if you don’t know your design ideas/plans. You can’t beat the prices of ordering online, but if you need to see samples ahead of time, don’t be afraid to order them and verify your color and door style. You’ll still save a ton in the long run.

iCab: Brittany, thank you so much for including us in this project and sharing your insight. We know you have more projects in your future, so perhaps iCabinetry products will show up on your doorstep again. 

View the full project and Brittany’s other DIY designs by clicking on any of the photos below.

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