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Shaker Cabinets vs. Raised Panel: Choosing the Right Style

Sep 27, 2021
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Making the most out of the kitchen requires a keen eye for design details. For instance, kitchen cabinets come in various styles, including shaker and raised panel. So, when should you choose shaker cabinets vs. raised panel cabinets? Choosing the right style calls for insight into what these two design choices bring to the table. So, read the quick breakdown below to learn how to find the perfect set for any style.

Raised Panel

Of the two titular designs, raised panel cabinets are the more visually complex option. Their decorative, grooved edges and raised center panels create an elegant visual depth. Weaving detailed carvings into the wood creates the raised panel and an aesthetically rich presentation. Raised panel cabinets are a great go-to for homeowners trying to bring a formal atmosphere to the kitchen. However, as you’ll learn below, homeowners looking for a subtle approach don’t have to compromise aesthetic value either.

Shaker Cabinets

Unlike raised panels, shaker cabinets lack complex decorative designs. However, that doesn’t mean their designs are totally lacking. The frame covering the cabinet face’s edge rises on shaker cabinets, while the center panel remains flat. This cabinet style is great for homeowners looking for a minimalist approach to kitchen design.

Furthermore, shaker cabinets can brilliantly weave into either modern or traditional kitchen designs, making it a delightfully versatile style, too. So, if you want a subtle, stylish addition to the kitchen, shaker cabinets are a solid option.

Choosing the Perfect Set

As you can see, when it comes to breaking down shaker cabinets vs. raised panels, choosing the right style is a personal decision. Do you want your cabinets to stand out in a big, elegant way, or do you want a subtler approach?

Raised panels are great choices for the former, while the latter benefits most from shaker cabinet designs. Thankfully, finding high-quality custom shaker cabinets is easy, allowing you to take full control of your kitchen design. After all, small design components can make or break a homeowner’s love for their kitchen.

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