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How To Properly Measure New Kitchen Cabinets

Feb 10, 2022

Determining an excellent kitchen plan requires precise measurements, particularly when devising kitchen cabinets. Without a proper guideline, the task is likely to be quite cumbersome. However, home improvement stores typically buy factory direct kitchen cabinets straight from the manufacturers. There is no cost for dealing with intermediaries.

How To Properly Measure New Kitchen Cabinets

It is vital to understand that taking measurements is the first and most significant step in this list of how to properly measure new kitchen cabinets. This step establishes the available space. Some critical requirements include a pencil, tape measure, and scratch paper.

1. Measure the Length of the Walls

The first activity involves taking and recording the wall’s measurements. You can precisely measure your walls if you take the measurements from the adjoining corners. That would be the measurements from one edge of the wall to another.

2. Record the Dimensions of Appliances and Windows

People usually measure from the edge of the wall to the window’s casing. Afterward, take the window’s dimension from one casing edge to the other. Complete the job by measuring the remaining part of the wall. It is also vital to measure and mark the layout of the appliances that are not movable.

3. Record the Location of Fixtures

This step involves establishing and recording the kitchen fixtures. Some of the common fixtures to factor during this step include but are not limited to vents, electrical, and plumbing. These may shift during construction to enable the appropriate fitting of the remodeled layout.

4. Take Measurements of the Kitchen’s Wall Heights

This step involves measuring and recording the height of the kitchen, including the middle height of each of the walls. This step is critical in selecting the proper height of the wall cabinets. The measurements are also helpful in establishing any major setting that may have happened in the house. Take note of any fixtures that could exist that may affect the height of the wall cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Before you acquire them, it is vital to have the know-how on how to properly measure new kitchen cabinets. There are a couple of experts available on the internet to guide on all the related aspects, including but not limited to the best prices for online kitchen cabinets.

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