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How To Choose: Raised Panel vs. Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Are you on the search for the perfect doors for your kitchen cabinetry? Here, we’ll show you how to choose between raised and flat panel cabinet doors.

Feb 09, 2023
How To Choose: Raised Panel vs. Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

There are many elements within a kitchen that provide both functional and aesthetic features. One of the most important is cabinetry. Cabinets offer essential storage space and help elevate your kitchen’s style. The cabinet doors you choose for your kitchen play a major role in the space’s overall design. And there are many options available. Raised panel and flat panel doors are two of the most popular. In this article, we’ll show you how to choose between raised panel and flat panel cabinet doors. We’ll explore the pros and cons of each style and help you select the best one for your kitchen.

Raised Panel Cabinet Doors

Raised panel cabinet doors feature a raised center panel surrounded by a frame. Typically, the center panel protrudes further than the frame in this style. This type of door is often in traditional or classic kitchen designs and is generally solid wood or wood veneer. The raised center panel provides an elegant, timeless look, and the frame can often undergo customization to suit your particular style. Raised panel cabinet doors are an excellent choice for kitchens looking for a touch of sophistication and can be easily combined with other cabinetry styles to create a unique look.


Raised panel cabinet doors offer a classic, timeless look that can instantly elevate the design of any kitchen. They’re also highly customizable. You can paint or stain them to match your existing cabinetry or decorating scheme. The panels provide an interesting texture, adding depth and dimension to the overall appearance of your cabinetry. Additionally, raised panel cabinet doors are durable and built to last for many years.


One downside to raised panel cabinet doors is their cost. Due to their intricate details and construction requirements, they tend to be more expensive than flat panel options. Additionally, they require more maintenance than other door styles because dirt and grime can get embedded in the crevices between the recessed edges and raised center sections. Therefore, regular dusting with a soft cloth may be necessary to maintain their luster over time.

Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Unlike raised panel doors, flat panel cabinet doors do not have a raised center panel. Instead, they have a flat center surface with a frame that protrudes further than the panel. These doors are great for modernizing the look of any kitchen. They’re sleek and minimalistic, providing an attractive and timeless look. These doors come in various wood finishes and colors. As a result, you can choose one that’ll fit your kitchen’s decor. The flat panel design makes cleaning easier, so they’re ideal for busy households. Additionally, you can customize flat panel cabinet doors with various hardware options, such as pulls, knobs, and hinges, to complete the look.


Flat panel cabinet doors offer a more modern, sleek look that’s perfect for contemporary and transitional kitchens. They’re usually less expensive than raised panel options due to their simple construction, making them ideal for those on a budget. Flat panels also require much less maintenance because they don’t have any crevices or grooves in which dirt and grime can become trapped. Also, flat panel cabinet doors take up less space when open because there’s no recessed area around the door’s perimeter.


One downside to flat panel cabinet doors is that they may not be as durable as other styles since there are fewer components involved in their construction. This fact makes them more prone to warping over time if exposed to excessive heat or humidity levels in your kitchen environment. Flat panels provide less texture and dimension than raised panel doors. However, you can easily remedy this issue by adding decorative handles and knobs for an extra touch of style and personality.

Factors To Consider

Now that you know the major pros and cons of each cabinetry door style, there are other factors to consider. As you choose between the two, you’ll want to keep some major components in mind to ensure you make the best choice for your space. Continue reading to discover which factors to keep in mind as you shop.


Price is an important factor when choosing between raised panel and flat panel cabinet doors. Raised panels tend to be more expensive due to their intricate construction requirements, whereas flat panels are usually less expensive because they require fewer components for assembly. It’s crucial to consider your budget when deciding so that you can choose the style of door that best fits your needs without overspending.


Next, carefully consider what material would best suit your needs and budget. Solid wood is by far the most popular material option, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Some other common options include:

  • Plywood
  • Wood veneers
  • Laminate
  • Particle board
  • High-Density fiberboard
  • Medium-Density fiberboard
  • Melamine
  • Thermofoil

It’s essential to keep budget, style, and durability in mind as you select the ideal material for your cabinet doors. Different materials will vary in cost, so find an option within your budget. The various materials will also provide different stylistic features, so pick one that best matches your kitchen’s design and overall aesthetic.


Durability is another key factor in determining which type of cabinet door is right for your kitchen. Raised panels feature recessed edges with a raised center section. These provide additional strength and stability compared to flat panel options that consist of one solid piece of material without grooves or crevices. This durable nature makes them less susceptible to warping over time if exposed to excessive heat or humidity levels in your home environment. The material also plays a role in the doors’ durability, with solid wood being one of the most durable materials.


You should also take appearance into account when deciding between raised panel and flat panel cabinet doors. Raised panels provide a classic, sophisticated, and timeless look that works well within traditional spaces. In contrast, flat panels offer a more modern, sleek look that’s perfect for contemporary and transitional kitchens. You can paint or stain both styles according to personal preference to create an even more customized aesthetic within the space.

Now that you have some tips for choosing between raised panel and flat panel cabinet doors, you can determine the best option for your home. And be sure to check out iCabinetry to buy Starmark cabinets online.

How To Choose: Raised Panel vs. Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

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