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5 Ideas That Can Help Modernize Your Kitchen

Jul 19, 2022

Is your kitchen starting to feel outdated and antiquated? Modernize it with these simple ideas for refreshing and changing your kitchen!

Refresh Cabinets

The cabinetry is the design focal point in many kitchens, so if you’re looking to modernize, the kitchen cabinets are an excellent place to start. If you’ve had the same cabinets for years, and they’re beginning to look dull and outdated, they’re probably due for a refresh.

Instead of immediately replacing them, consider painting them to give them a new, more modern look. If that doesn’t work, it might be time to replace your old cabinetry with new custom modern cabinets that better fit your taste.

Replace Hardware

Kitchen hardware pieces may not seem that important in the grand scheme of kitchen design, but they’re the details that elevate a plain and boring space into a more modern and creative one. If you still have the same knobs and drawer pulls your cabinetry came with, it might be time for a change of pace.

Modernized kitchens feature simple but striking hardware, adding flashes of elegant color to typically dark cabinets with brass or brushed silver hardware. Simple replacing your kitchen’s hardware can make the difference between an outdated and modern kitchen.

New Backsplash

If you’ve had the same backsplash for a long time—or don’t have one—installing a new one is a simple but effective technique for modernizing a kitchen. Kitchen backsplashes are excellent for flexing your creative juices since there are so many types of patterns, colors, and materials available.

Subway glass tiles are popular in many modern kitchens, while simple white marble is excellent for tying the countertops with the cabinets. There’s certainly no shortage of options for kitchen backsplashes!

Change Flooring

For many years, the preferred kitchen flooring was either vinyl or linoleum of some kind. Now, there’s nothing wrong with those floorings, but they’ve become a bit basic. So changing your kitchen’s flooring is an excellent way to modernize the room.

Whether you’re looking for something durable with muted colors or light and warm, plenty of styles and textures exist for modern kitchens. Some unique and exciting flooring options we’ve seen in modern kitchens include:

  • White marble
  • Terracotta tile
  • Checkerboard cork
  • Herringbone wood
  • Concrete

Update Lighting

Lighting is integral to a kitchen feeling modern, warm, and inviting. Modern kitchens don’t just have decorative fixtures that look nice—they also balance ambient lighting and task lighting to combine form and function.

Hanging pendant lights over kitchen islands is a trendy choice for many modern kitchens. And installing recessed lighting under kitchen cabinets is an excellent way to introduce more task lighting that doesn’t interfere with a balanced design.

We hope our ideas for modernizing your kitchen have given you some inspiration! Which will you do first—refresh the cabinets or update the lighting?

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