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Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Inset Cabinets

Nov 29, 2021
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Are you in the process of remodeling your kitchen? If you’re still in the design phase, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of stylish and complementary cabinetry handles. Check out these tips for choosing the right hardware for your inset cabinets to learn what you need to consider when picking your handles.

Knobs and Pulls

You’ll first want to decide if you’ll be using knobs, pulls, or a mixture of both. While there’s no official designation, knobs are easier to use with cabinets, and pulls are often best for opening drawers. Knobs are low-profile options, making them easy to install because you only need to make one screw hole for each one. Pull handles come in a wider variety, and their added grip makes them slightly more functional than knobs. However, they’re more expensive since they’re typically bigger. Also, they require two screw holes, making them a more complicated installation on your cabinets.


After choosing between knobs and pulls, you’ll have to pick the handle style you want. Curved fixtures work well in traditionally designed kitchens with more ornate cabinetry. On the other hand, straight-edged handles fit in modern, sleekly designed kitchens. If you want to make a statement with your hardware, you can even get knobs made of crystals or other stones.

The different unique styles of handles range from those that resemble file cabinet handles to others meant to seemly blend with the ledge of the above counter. There really is an endless number of styles to choose from. So take the time to find one that not only matches your style but compliments the other features in your kitchen.


The most noticeable part of your hardware will be its finish. From chrome to gold or matte white, the color your choose can have a massive impact on the overall design of your kitchen. A gold coat works well in traditional and modern homes alike, imbuing a luxury feeling into the room. Black matte paints and silver often work well with neutrally colored cabinets that are black or white.

Since people typically opt for toned-down hardware finishes, going for a bold, unusual color can be an easy way to make your kitchen stand apart from the rest. As long as you’re designing the room around a consistent color palette, you can experiment with bold shades without having to worry if they’ll match the rest of the room.

Mixing Hardware

When choosing the right hardware for your inset cabinets, don’t be afraid to mix and match designs. For an authentic boho look, you can have every single one be different! But this is a very particular style, and most homeowners will mix their handles in more subtle ways. For example, it’s common for people to use different hardware for their islands only.

When you’re shopping for kitchen remodeling, explore iCabinetry’s inset kitchen cabinets online offerings. We offer customizable and expertly crafted cabinets that will match any hardware option you select.

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