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5 Trending Kitchen Design Ideas for 2023

Are you considering a kitchen remodel this year? You’ll want to know the latest kitchen trends. Here are five trending kitchen design ideas for 2023.

Jan 31, 2023
Keith Ingle
5 Trending Kitchen Design Ideas for 2023

With a new year comes new trends, especially in the world of interior design. We are seeing major shifts in kitchen spaces this year, moving away from all-white kitchen spaces and opting for a more creative, unique, and vibrant look. Here are five trending kitchen design ideas for 2023.

More Vibrant Colors

The first trending kitchen design idea this year is more vibrant colors. We’ve seen a lot of all-white and neutral spaces for the last several years. But in 2023, we’re moving into more colorful looks for our interior spaces. Several new colors are making their way into our kitchens, from rich mauves to deep greens and blues. Don’t be afraid to play with color and develop a new and improved palette for your space.

Stone Slab Countertops

Stone slab countertops are also making a statement in kitchens this year. But we’re not talking about granite in 2023. Many homeowners are making the switch to natural stones like marble, dolomite, soapstone, and quartzite as the most popular option. We are also seeing unique veining and color options that add character and intrigue to any home’s kitchen space.

Bold Backsplashes

The third idea for your kitchen design is bold backsplashes. Gone are the days of white subway tiles. Instead, homeowners are looking for backsplashes that stand out and draw attention. Artistic mosaic patterned tiles are becoming more popular, and rightfully so. These tiles are stunning. Continuous backsplashes in marble and quartzite that match the countertops are also becoming more common as they add a sense of luxury to your home.

Creative Cabinetry

Creative cabinetry is another element to incorporate into your kitchen in 2023. While Shaker-style cabinets will likely always be a staple in kitchens across America, we are starting to see more unique custom designs. From artsy textures to bold, bright colors, cabinets are making a name for themselves this year. Have fun designing your cabinetry with interesting hues, finishes, and statement hardware.

Unique Islands

Finally, unique islands are also something to consider. The island is the centerpiece of the kitchen, and you want it to stand out. The waterfall island trend is gaining steam and popping up in more kitchens for a luxurious look. But we are also seeing more creative and interesting island shapes. Pill-shaped islands are an emerging trend that is stirring conversation this year. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, consider an extraordinary island that will make your space unforgettable.

Keep these top trending kitchen design elements of 2023 in mind as you redesign your space. And be sure to check out iCabinetry’s gorgeous collection of custom kitchen cabinets online.

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