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5 Effective Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Nobody wants to cook or entertain in a small kitchen. If you want a larger space without renovating, make your kitchen look bigger with these tips.

Nov 03, 2022
5 Effective Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Having a large kitchen is a privilege that some homeowners don’t get to enjoy. However, you don’t have to settle for cramped eating and cooking spaces. Instead, make your kitchen look bigger with these effective methods.

Choose White Cabinetry

Creating more visual space without knocking out walls is all about illusion. You’ll want to minimize shadows as much as possible. White cabinetry makes your kitchen look brighter by reflecting light rather than absorbing it.

Don’t stop at white cabinets. Paint your walls and ceilings white to expand your kitchen. White doesn’t go out of style and creates a neutral foundation, so you’ll never struggle to decorate while creating more space.

Be Strategic With Lighting

White paint isn’t the only form of illusion at your disposal. Lighting also plays a huge role in eliminating darkness that condenses your space. Crisp, minimal overhead lights draw eyes upward and make your ceilings look higher.

Don’t underestimate the power of natural light. Keep your blinds and curtains open on sunny days to let the light shine through. Doing so will open your space while breathing new life into it.

Embrace a Minimal Aesthetic

Sometimes, less is more. If you have a small kitchen, overwhelming it with too much stuff can make your space look smaller. Embrace a minimalist mindset and declutter the décor and appliances littering your countertops.

Minimalism is all about clean lines and sleek silhouettes. Choose cabinetry that doesn’t protrude and appliances with a streamlined look. Keep toaster ovens, blenders, and other accessories behind cabinet doors to make your kitchen less “busy.”

Select Space-Saving Cabinets

Your cabinets can occupy tons of space in your kitchen. Overlay cabinets are spacious, but their doors protrude. Visually, this kind of cabinetry consumes valuable square footage.

Instead, opt for Starmark inset cabinets for a sleeker appearance. The doors on these models lay flush with their frames. A few inches make a huge difference in small kitchens and could be exactly what you need to create an illusion.

Install Glass Cabinet Doors

Another way to make your kitchen look bigger is to install glass cabinet doors. Reflective surfaces perform similarly to white paint and lighting; they trick the eye. A glass cabinet door draws focus inside instead of obstructing your vision.

Glass doors give you a unique opportunity to decorate inside your cabinets. Don’t just store your plates and bowls. Instead, consider sprucing up the insides with flower vases, picture frames, and other elegant trinkets.

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