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5 Clear Signs You Need New Kitchen Cabinets

Aug 15, 2022

Do your kitchen cabinets have a lot of scratches or seem a little past their prime? It may be time to make a change; keep an eye out for these clear signs your kitchen needs new cabinets.

They’re Full of Scratches & Dents

It’s only natural for kitchen cabinets to accumulate occasional scratches, dents, or other imperfections after years of use. This doesn’t mean you’re careless or neglectful of your cabinets—every kitchen cabinet shows signs of wear and tear after years of use.

After a certain point, there’s only so much an owner can do to fix their kitchen cabinets so they’re not an eyesore. If your kitchen cabinets are riddled with scratches and patch-ups, that’s a clear sign you need some new cabinets.

They Have a Persistent Odor

Just like kitchen cabinets can accumulate scratches and blemishes, they can also gradually collect unpleasant and persistent odors. Kitchen cabinets have open spaces between the floor and the countertops where mold or pests can infiltrate and make your whole kitchen smell horrible.

Even if you open up the cabinets and eliminate the culprit of the odor, you can still be left with a lingering smell. If your cabinets contain a scent that permeates throughout your kitchen and home, the only option may be to find new kitchen cabinets for sale online.

Pro Tip: For some odors, try leaving a bowl of vinegar or baking soda in the cabinets overnight to absorb the smell.

Their Style Is Outdated

Perhaps the primary reason people replace their old kitchen cabinets with a fresh design is that their old ones look outdated and old-fashioned. Some cabinet designs are timeless and look good no matter the era, while others can age poorly.

If your cabinets are more like the latter, there’s no harm in trying something more modern; new cabinets can make the entire kitchen and home feel more vibrant and contemporary.

They Don’t Match the Rest of the Kitchen or House

Sometimes, kitchen cabinets can be so outdated they don’t match the rest of the kitchen or home because homeowners update their places room by room instead of all at once.

While this strategy means a less significant one-time investment, it can cause a kitchen and home to look like a mishmash of styles and designs. Cabinets are usually a focal point for kitchens—if they don’t fit with the design, they’ll stick out like a sore thumb.

They Don’t Provide Enough Storage

Some reasons for getting new cabinets are about function rather than style. Even if you started with a small kitchen and limited storage space, it’s only natural to accumulate more appliances or cooking supplies over the years.

Adding new cabinets can be more efficient for the available space, helping make your small kitchen feel much bigger.

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