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4 Ways To Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Oct 15, 2021

Home kitchens feature plenty of furniture and appliances, which can take up lots of space. As a result, some homeowners must get creative to ensure the room doesn’t feel cramped. If you’re unsure about the right approach to take, check out these four ways to make a small kitchen look bigger.

Rely on Reflections

Reflective surfaces have a surprising impact on a room’s scale. Mirrors, stainless steel appliances, ceramic tiles, and other reflective surfaces enhance the lighting in a way that makes any space feel more open and elegant. Thankfully, such materials are very natural to implement in a kitchen. For instance, the sleek exterior of fridges and microwaves can bounce light beautifully in the kitchen. Even the metal handles on kitchen cabinets can help enhance the kitchen lighting.

Use the Color White

Like reflective surfaces, adding white throughout the room is one of the best ways to make a small kitchen look bigger. Whether you weave white into your wall paint or décor exterior, the color instantly opens any room. That said, using too much white in one space can sometimes create a sterile, bland appearance. Thankfully, blending black, beige, and other neutral colors into your interior design can help white visually expand the space without completely removing depth or complexity.

Open a Window

This method is very straightforward but effective. If your kitchen has a window, open the blinds, and let the light shine through. Not only will this make the kitchen feel welcoming, but it will also make the space feel more open. Small tricks like these can make a big difference regarding how confining or relaxing a space seems. Plus, you can use this method to make any room feel more spacious, whether it’s a bedroom, foyer, bathroom, or living room.

Install Ample Storage

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having a few items sitting on your countertops. That said, using kitchen counters for storage can create clutter. Unfortunately, clutter makes kitchens feel uncomfortable, not inviting.

Thankfully, you can easily find cabinets that mix aesthetics and storage successfully. For instance, our slab-style cabinets have sleek, stylish surfaces and provide easy access to storage spaces. Additionally, having enough drawers and cabinets helps prevent clutter from overtaking your kitchen.

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