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3 Expert Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen

Jan 20, 2022
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If you want to take your kitchen to the next level with a new modern update, there are a few things you’ll need to know first. Explore these three expert tips for designing a modern kitchen. You’ll see what the key elements are that make up this look.

Aim for Minimalism

The days of big, overstated, luxury designs that use brash colors and detailed traditional patterns are gone. Today’s designers take massive influence from Scandinavian and Asian minimalist philosophies that strip back the unnecessary fluff. Instead, the focus is on crisp lines and natural, high-quality materials that create open spaces. It’s not that luxury has gone away; it’s just that there has been a significant shift towards functional luxuries that increase the usefulness of a space.

Use Slab, Shaker, or Glass Cabinets

Along the same lines of minimalism in modern design, homeowners look for ways to lessen the impact of cabinets on a space’s visuals. Therefore, many modern kitchens use inset slab cabinets with flat doors that fade into the background. Rather than sticking out from the wall, these cabinets appear to blend with the wall. At the same time, they still provide plenty of storage space.

Another common cabinet design in modern kitchens is the shaker design. Shaker cabinets are flat with four planks that frame the doors. Shakers can bridge the gap between the simple, modern slab design and the more extravagant traditional cabinets.

Glass cabinets can help broaden the scoop of room. As a result, they’re another helpful tool when dealing with cramped kitchen quarters. Just be aware that when installing this style of cabinets, the glass creates a need for additional décor elements for your kitchen. So you’ll need to find matching dishware to display behind the glass. You don’t want a selection of plastic cups behind glass to ruin the expertly crafted aesthetic of your newly updated space.

Create Bold Accents

If you do opt for the typical all-white modern kitchen, you don’t want the space to feel cold or emotionless. So, even when dealing with a simple design, you’ll want to incorporate bold accents that reflect your personal style. These can manifest as a unique backsplash tile and pattern, an accent wall with wallpaper, framed artwork, or a range hood. No matter what you opt for, you should create your own personal moments in your space to make it truly feel like your home.

After checking out these three expert tips for designing a modern kitchen, you hopefully have a better understanding of the elements that make up this look. When you’re ready to move forward with your remodeling project, visit the online store at iCabinetry to see our selection of modern frameless cabinets!

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