Alite cabinets from iCabinetry feature a classy raised panel with a pleasing arch design. This traditional cabinet door style creates a solid foundation to build the rest of your kitchen design around. Choose from an impressive range of nine different wood styles to find your room’s perfect look. From dark, serious grays to rich, warm red tones, our finishes allow you to find the perfect cabinet for your dream kitchen. Choose from our standard wood finishes for a natural design, or explore our specialty finishes and tinted varnishes for a pop of color or another unique style. Let your sense of style come out in your kitchen when you choose Alite cabinets from iCabinetry today.

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iStyle Custom by Starmark

Cabinet Style

Raised Panel

Door Style



Alder, Alder Specialty, Cherry, Cherry Specialty, Hickory, Lyptus, Maple, Maple Specialty, Maple Tinted Varnish, Oak, Oak Specialty, Oak Tinted Varnish, Rustic Alder, Rustic Alder Specialty, Rustic Cherry, Rustic Cherry Specialty, Rustic Hickory